Persian Gulf War Interviews

Leo Dorrington

U.S. Army 1991

Discusses Mr. Dorrington's services as a preventative medicine non-commissioned officer during the Persian Gulf War.... more >>

Jerry Eldredge, Jr.

U.S. Navy 1980–1986

Upon graduating Natick High School in 1980, Jerry Eldredge Jr. decided to enter the military because college was not affordable. At boot camp in... more >>

David Gallo

U.S. Army 1984–2007

David Gallo joined the Army in 1984, shortly after graduating from Salem State College. Despite a degree in accounting, Gallo did not want to jo... more >>

Karen Lynch

U.S. Navy 1991

Discusses Ms. Lynch's Navy service in Hawaii, Washington and Saudi Arabia. During the Liberation of Kuwait phase of the Persian Gulf War, Ms. Ly... more >>

Molly McGlaughlin

U.S. Army 1986–0000

Molly McGlaughlin wanted to follow her father and join the Air Force. Instead, she joined the Army’s Signal Corps, earning her commission as a s... more >>


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